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Quantum computing means solving problems in which you can compute the answers by satisfying a series of defined conditions. In quantum computing, a set of possible states of a quantum processor is searched and the best possible solution is selected. If the processor can correctly choose the solution, the computer has proved that it is able to accurately represent the defined conditions and the programmer is closer than ever before to real-time computing.  

The development of quantum processors marks the latest generation of computer technology. Quantum processors are so powerful that tests of even the record-breaking speed of today’s fastest super-fast computers are impossible. Google has built the first Quantum Computer that can carry out calculations beyond the ability of today’s supercomputers. Quantum technology provides the power that gives these PCs the performance that today’s technology can only dream of. It also opens a whole new era of computing because of its potential for an unprecedented number of applications and the size and complexity of problems that would never before have been solvable by conventional computers.  

The term quantum computing is highly intimidating, but it is also very sophisticated. A quantum processor contains a large number of qubits, and quantum computers can function in situations that would be considered impossible to solve. A qubit is a tiny bump of a quantum dot, which is a planar structure consisting of interconnected rings or lines. A quantum processor can solve problems that would be impossible to solve using current technology because they require a level of parallelism that is impossible for even the fastest super-advanced technology to achieve.  

In theory, quantum computers would be able to manipulate entire graphs of data, greatly improving the efficiency at which scientists and engineers solve complex problems. If a quantum computer could be made capable of solving problems containing millions of answers, it would pave the way for an entirely new way of doing research and even create new industries.  

Scientists are using the controversial field of Quantum computing to do research and development on a new form of computer. Quantum computers are crucial and are being developed not only by the government, academic and research communities. The main reason for the forefront of Quantum computing is that it can significantly improve computer performance. It can also give an analogy to the development of computer architecture; the classical computer is limited in function by the number of states it can represent and manipulate. By contrast, a Quantum computer can manipulate and solve problems that are multi-dimensional.  

One of the most commonly used examples of Quantum computing is that of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a large and popular encyclopedia that uses Quantum computing as one of its core technologies. The ability of Wikipedia to accurately maintain and index a huge amount of information using a dedicated server means that it is a huge testament to the power of Quantum computing. Quantum computers can easily be programmed to do the same tasks that the regular computer is unable to. Researchers are developing applications that quantum computers will be able to accomplish using a series of easy-to-use programs. Developers are already at work on apps and other software at the app store that will allow online businesses to trade globally.   

Along with everyone’s favourite online community, the Internet itself is fast becoming a basic application of Quantum computing. Problems with finding information or getting answers to your questions on the Internet have long been a problem for scientists. But now it may just be a matter of time before common people, like you and I, are using it too. 

I want it now. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the hype surrounding this new science, but even though much is being made out of it, you may still have to make up your mind about it. After all, it’s rather complicated. But so much is also being made out of it, and much more importantly, people are starting to get excited about it. Not enough, though, are the scientists and researchers realizing the potential for Quantum computing.  

It’s not too late yet, I’m sure. But like everything else, there is more to come.  

Another Quantum theory in the news at the moment concerns quantum computers and the way they would be able to tackle problems that would be impossible to solve using the standard computer. One example quoted in a news story recently involves being able to cure diseases that are currently incurable using present-day technology.  

In Summary: 

This type of potential application for Quantum computing has scientists excited, with many nomination papers and projects planned for further research and development in this field which, if successful, would greatly diversify the applications of Quantum Computing. Even as we write this article however, there are already quantum computer projects being used to solve some real world problems. Quantum computers will even be able to accurately model problems that are certain to occur in the future, though they don’t yet know exactly how they will work. 

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