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Identity & Access Management

Don't Let Your Credentials Become Compromised

Full Implementation Strategy

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// Identity & Access Management

Full Implementation Strategy

To guarantee the highest level of data protection, we’ll build an Implementation Strategy with zero-trust principles at the core.

Central Identity Management
Policy-Based Control
Secured Accounts
// Why Identity & Access Management?

Benefits of Identity & Access Management

As your business grows, the risk from insufficient user permissions poses a greater threat to your business data, assets, and systems.

Eliminate Weak Passwords

Enforce the best practices in credential management and eliminate risks associated with weak/default passwords.

Mitigate Insider Threats

It’s no surprise that many breaches come from within. By ensuring only the right users have access to the right data, you can significantly reduce insider threats.

Multi-Factor Security

Integrate two/three-factor authentication into your business using capabilities such as iris scanning, fingerprint sensors, and facial recognition to maximise cybersecurity.

// Why Gemraj Technologies?

Keep Your Network Secure With GTL

Digital Identity Management

Our Digital Identity Management will ensure customer data is collected, stored, and accessed safely and securely.

Access Governance

Integrate the relevant policies, tools, and services to combat unnecessary permissions and enforce appropriate access at every level of your business.

Data Discovery & Mapping

Understanding the data your business stores is essential to safeguarding it. Our Data Discovery & Mapping will ensure you meet GDPR, helping you think smarter about your data.

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We are proud to have been the leading provider of comprehensive and cutting-edge IT solutions to both public and private businesses since 2015.

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