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Cyber Security Compliance

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ISO Certification

Our commitment to uphold globally recognised standards of quality management through ISO 9001 and information security management systems through ISO 27001 underpins our mission to deliver excellence and a quality service to our clients.

Cyber Assurance & Essentials

Partner with us under the assurance that we have established comprehensive cyber security standards across all our services, guaranteeing the highest levels of security, privacy and data protection.

Leading Certification Body

Our long-standing commitment to cyber security has solidified our reputation as a leading certification body for IASME and Cyber Essentials certifications. We’ll evaluate, consult and certify your business against the UK Government’s cyber essentials scheme.

Trusted Partners

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Cyber Security Compliance Services

Compliance comes in many forms, and you need a partner who can offer it all.

Information Security Review
Risk Assessment
Sanctions Compliance
Vendor Risk Management
Cyber Security Training
Vulnerability Assessment
Compliance Consultation
Penetration Testing
// Why Cyber Security Compliance?

Benefits of Cyber Security Compliance

Compliance is a requirement for businesses handling sensitive customer data, but it actually drives improvement in other areas of your business too.

Avoid Fines/

Stay aligned with the latest rules and regulations governing the collection, storage and general handling of data can avoid damaging fines/penalties.

Build Customer Trust & Brand Reputation

Be the business that has a reputation for data safety by keeping your cyber security infrastructure up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Enhanced Data Management

By complying, you'll actually streamline and enhance how you collect, store, and access data, storing it safely while maintaining easy access internally.

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Comply the GTL Way

Industry Leaders

We’ll use our industry-leading expertise to keep you up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations, helping you to maintain compliance and deliver a secure service for your customers.


Our long-standing commitment to cyber security has solidified our reputation as a leading certification body. Choose from our Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Gold Governance audit, depending on your cyber security level requirements.

All Sectors Covered

We understand that all businesses collect, store and use data. So we cater our services to any business sector or industry, to help you align with the latest regulations and better safeguard your data.

Industry Leaders In IT

Since 2015

We are proud to have been the leading provider of comprehensive and cutting-edge IT solutions to both public and private businesses since 2015.

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