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No matter what you think about COVID-19, you cannot ignore the pandemic. It has changed the world—it has changed the way we conduct ourselves, live and even do business. 

It would be an understatement to state that COVID-19 has also changed the way we all work. Even businesses are proposing the options of working from home to ensure the safety of their employees and business. 

There is no doubt that the pandemic already has had a huge impact on each of us as individuals, as professionals and as a society. There is no denying the fact. 

Even though it is difficult to see when the virus will go away, it will. However, it would be impossible to imagine that everything will go back to what it was. 

While some do, while others will have a new normal for everyone. 

What happened to our work? 

Work from home has always been there. It was not really popular. People fringed at the idea of working from home. 

And, not businesses proactively supported its employees working from the comfort of their homes. 

Guess what, now businesses are asking employees to set up a work station at home and work at convenient times. 

There is no micromanagement. Employees are given the freedom to work independently and complete the project.  

Now job aspirants are looking to work with businesses that offer work from options. There is no doubt that such demands from aspirants are logical and necessary in these situations. 

Who knows when another virus might wreak havoc? 

In addition, the 9.00-6.00 working times have also changed drastically with employees getting flexible timings to complete the work. Working women and mothers find these extremely empowering and supportive. 

But what about future?

We are all hopeful that the pandemic will go away soon. The health sector has been working hard to find vaccines to put the virus to rest. 

Even when the vaccines are out and the pandemic is under control, the new normal will surely stay as part of our society. We will, as people and workers, be prepared to face any similar situations that might arise in the world. 

With work from home options becoming extremely conducive for both employees and employers, it will be hard to see that taken away in the future. 

We are surely looking at a future business world that will be dominated by work from options both demanded by employees and given by employers. 

Though businesses were forced to give their employees the option to work at home, it has started to help them realize that it reflects on their balance sheets as well. 

Perhaps the huge amounts spent on employee commutation and real estate are better invested to make their employees more productive and efficient. 

It remote working the next big thing? 

Not really. 

While remote working is proving to be an excellent business model, every business shifting all of their operations to remote working is very unlikely to happen. 

However, a creative balance between office work and remote work will be the best key mantra every business will be looking to emulate. 

And, that will sure pay in spades. 

With businesses being more flexible about their policies regarding work from home, the line between personal and professional lives has never been blurred like this any time before. 

However, it is all thanks to technology for making it happen. But it has been able to do by ever emphasising the role of human employees like never before.  

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