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Case Study

The Challenge

The world is undergoing a constant change, for example, last year 91% of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative. The adoption of digital technologies has drastically increased with the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the previous year, 70% of businesses chose to either increase or maintain their digital transformation spending during the pandemic. As a result, more than a third of 2021 tech budget increases will be influenced by COVID-19 and so the process of digitalisation has been forced to accelerate. For businesses to survive and thrive in the face of the current situation, digitally transforming your business is a necessity, and Gemraj Technologies Ltd. is here to help.

A significant PLC Energy company in the UK has sought out Gemraj in hopes of receiving professional assistance with enhancing assets such as Mobility Solution, Asset Meter, Start Centre, etc. The company was aware that a successful digital transformation of those assets would ultimately lead to increased agile and optimized operations, which would allow them to reap further benefits.

Gemraj has therefore used approaches such as Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring to develop Solution Design & Delivery process for our client. To accomplish the client’s goals within this particular project, we have used a Business Analyst (Scrum Master I Data Analytics I DevOps I BABOK Specialist) as a resource. Analytics show that 52% of companies worldwide are using data to drive strategy and change.

What Gemraj Technologies Did To Help

Lack of innovation within the client’s company has been causing issues such as slow and inefficient processes and losing market share due to low innovation levels. To resolve these challenges, Gemraj has implemented various procedures including:

Enhancement scoping involving planning the project, identifying changes, and producing an audit whilst assessing outcomes.

Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring to determine which changes and activities need to be completed.

Solution Design & Delivery focusing on solving the identified issues whilst ensuring that the digital strategy aligns with business strategy. PWC found that 54% of innovating companies struggle to bridge the gap between innovation strategy and business strategy.

Mobility Solution requirement gathering to meet the client’s needs.

Mobility solution design & review

Asset Meter & Start Centre requirement gathering

Scope refinement, UAT plan review & Execution to demonstrate the functionality of business functions and operations.

Advanced process refinement

The Overall Outcome & Value

Gemraj has conducted a Project elicitation and scope definition workshop and rationalised agile delivery method as well as required training given to project stakeholders, which has ensured that they gain a sufficient level of understanding of those components so they could utilize them.

To lay a robust foundation for the project leading to the most effective solutions and the best possible outcome, Gemraj has successfully carried out various processes:

Drafted scope document with Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring process flow

Enterprise Asset Management framework defined with Strategy analysis & joint-up programme view.

As-Is asset management and maintenance process with Gap-analysis workshop conducted for gap definition in the current process.

After identifying the gaps within the systems and constructing the right plan of action, Gemraj has taken the required steps to solve the recognised challenges:

Business processes and systems with an Agile delivery method executed to rectify the gaps.

Delivered draft non-functional requirements with Business Analysis Report.

Scope Analysis completed for draft in-line with Digital Transformation roadmap.

Business cases submitted for future scope items To-be linked in business process to future enhancement.

Potential solution demo completed with the business for solution capabilities.

Drafted Digital data migration plan following change demanded by the client

Mobile solution scope analysis converting business functional requirement to user story completed.

Supported Testing teams to compete for ST & UAT scripts for new digital transformation.

Data cleanse activity completed with deployment and Go-live.

Delivered Digital Transformation to the client with Mobility Solutions, Asset Meter, Start centres.


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