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Cyber Security

A security operations center can be an excellent benefit for any SME. It makes it possible to manage cybersecurity risks and prevent threats to computer networks. More than 60% of SMEs fail within six months of experiencing a cyber attack, making it vital for small and medium businesses to focus on cybersecurity. A cyber operations center can form a vital part of a business’s strategy for improving and maintaining their cybersecurity. 

What Is a Security Operations Center? 

A security operations center (SOC) is what a business uses to coordinate and implement its strategy for cybersecurity. A team of experts in cybersecurity run the SOC to develop the best strategy and policies. They monitor and respond to cyber threats using the appropriate technology. A security operations center usually includes a manager, Tier 1 Alert Analysts, Tier 2 Incident Responders, and Tier 3 Subject Matter Experts. Using an SOC to manage a business’s cybersecurity is a cost-effective way to gain control over the security of the organisation’s computer networks. 

The Benefits of a Security Operations Center 

An SOC delivers a number of excellent benefits for SMEs. A security operations center is able to have a comprehensive overview of a business’s entire network and the possible threats and vulnerabilities it might need to deal with. They can create a central knowledge base so that the whole SOC team is able to access the information that they need to manage cyber threats. 

The cost-effectiveness of using a security operations center is one of the key reasons that many SMEs choose to use one. Businesses are able to control their costs by using a service that offers one price to pay, bringing together all necessary security services. This is much more cost-effective compared to using several different experts in different subjects, who are located in different places and all charge their own fees. 

SOCs centralise a business’s cybersecurity response, making it quicker and easier to deal with threats. When everything is dealt with in one place, any threats or problems can be sent to the right person straight away, without needing to be passed around. Identification and response to threats can happen more quickly because they are reported to a single location. 

Cybersecurity teams can work well together within a security operations center. Instead of having experts scattered around and not working in one place, businesses benefit from a cohesive team that works well together. Each member of the team is an expert in their field. They also have access to up-to-date tools that they can use for monitoring and detection, allowing them to monitor threats and respond to them quickly too. 

Protect Your Business with an SOC

Choose a security operations center to protect your business and ensure you have a strong cybersecurity strategy. An SOC is an important part of your approach to managing cyber threats and can save you both time and money. Improve your business today by using the services of a security operations center. 


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