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Cyber Security
The idea of having a smart home might sound very appealing, especially if you are interested in the tech that goes into it. If you’re not aware, a smart home is a combination of tech that links your devices via the internet, allowing you to have much more control over them from your smart devices. While it makes for a much more convenient setup, it does come with its issues, and you should be aware of the risks of having a smart home. It can put both your physical and cybersecurity in danger.
What does it mean to have a smart home?

So what does it mean to have a smart home? It can be a number of devices that you’ve invested in, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your devices are smart devices. There are only so many things that you need to have linked up to your smartphone. A smart home could be comprised of your smart TV, smart refrigerator, and a device like Alexa.

How do you know whether or not your devices are smart devices? Well, it would have likely been written on the packaging when you bought it, but you can tell by the features that they come with. If your TV is linked up to the internet and has various accounts and login credentials stored to access different apps, that makes it a smart device. A smart TV is one of the most common smart home devices that you can buy, and are pretty much the standard product when it comes to TVs.

It’s also likely that you’re currently using a smartphone, and while they’re great, they store a lot of your personal information, which can be accessed by hackers if you don’t know how to stop them. It’s important that you’re able to identify where your cybersecurity is lacking so that your smart home can remain uncompromised.

Here are some more examples of smart devices that you might find around your home:

●      Baby Monitors

●      Smart Thermostats

●      Smart Lighting

●      Smart or Bluetooth Speakers

●      Smart Cameras


What risks do you face?

So, in the event that your smart home is targeted by cybercriminals, there are a number of things that the hackers can do. It’s important that you understand how to deal with and prevent such attacks, as your information andsecurity could be compromised.

First of all, the information that the attackers could get their hands on can cause you a lot of trouble. If they were somehow able to get your password and login information for your email account, along with any saved credentials within that account – it could be costly. Many people these days use their accounts to save passwords too, it saves time and you don’t have to remember them. So long as you know how to keep those accounts safe, then your details aren’t in danger. If your smart devices are accessed by someone with malicious intent, then you could possibly lose that account.

If your smart home is compromised, it’s not just the data that can be lost, the attacker could even use that information to commit identity theft. This has its own consequences, and can be quite a setback both timewise and financially.

You should know that it might not even be obvious if your smart home has been hacked, as hackers might not take action instantly, or do anything that you would notice. If you suspect that your devices have been hacked, then you should look into security solutions in order to get rid of any possible threats on your devices. It’s not enough to just clear one device, as the whole network might be compromised.

The results of the cyberattacks depend completely on the person who has hacked your devices, as there are a number of things that they can use your devices for. Whether it be to listen to conversations, steal your information or money, or to sabotage your devices. Your smart home provides a more comfortable lifestyle but opens you up to a number of different attacks.


How you can prevent hackers from accessing your smart devices?

If you are in the possession of any smart devices, you should know all of the ways you can protect yourself from these security threats. Leaving yourself open to them and taking risks can have major consequences that can be difficult to deal with -it’s better to be safe than sorry when interacting with your smart home devices. If you know how to secure your smart home, then you can use your smart devices comfortably without the risk of a security breach.

First of all, it’s important for you to understand how others might get their hands on the information that they need to break into your devices. It can happen in many ways but it’s often carelessness that can lead to someone getting access to your smart home devices.

Step one when it comes to any kind of cybersecurity is making sure that your passwords are secure. Someone else getting their hands on your passwords and accessing the network that all of your smart devices are on leaves them open. Also, you shouldn’t stop at just making sure that your passwords are secure, you also need to update them regularly. Your smart home relies on your network and updating your passwords often means that hackers will be kept at bay. You should also vary your passwords so that if one password is compromised, your other accounts and login information can remain secure.

If your smart home has many devices, it might mean that you have to frequently keep on top of their software updates. Keeping your devices up to date means that they’ll have the latest security patches, this will ensure that your smart home is a lot less vulnerable to hackers.



Smart homes are great and they are the next step forward in terms of comfortable living, but if you do not ensure the security of your devices it could have a devastating impact on your life. While it might not put you in serious physical danger, being unaware of the threats out there can cost you money, time and privacy.

If you’re interested in learning even more about smart home cybersecurity, please do not hesitate to contact us at Gemraj Technologies Ltd. Don’t let others get a hold of your data and information, it’s a lot easier to secure your devices than you might think.

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