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Case Study
Client: A leading financial services firm requiring high-caliber professionals for various departments
The client needed to improve the quality of hires and reduce the time to fill critical positions. They faced challenges with their existing recruitment processes, which were time-consuming and inefficient.
Solution: GTL Recruitment Agency implemented a Function-Based RPO model focused on the client’s specific needs:
  • Process Optimization: Redesigned recruitment workflows to eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency.
  • Talent Analytics: Leveraged data analytics to identify and attract high-quality candidates.
  • Candidate Experience: Enhanced the candidate experience through streamlined processes and effective communication.
  • 30% Improvement in Quality of Hire: Through targeted recruitment strategies and better candidate assessments.
  • 60% Reduction in Time to Fill: By implementing faster and more efficient recruitment processes.
  • 50% Cost Savings: By reducing reliance on external recruitment agencies and optimizing internal processes.

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